5 Class Meetings - 4 hour duration/class

36 Class Meetings - 4 hour duration/class

Full 1 Year Intensive Program - 4 hour duration/class


  • Striving to become a Muslim fashion-magnet in the world, Indonesia is the best country for you to study with its large moderate Muslim population. Hence, the Islamic Fashion Institute (IFI) is here to help realize the dream as the first fashion institute that focuses on Muslim fashion in Indonesia.
  • Join us and get ready to delve deeper into the world of modest fashion industry with 60% practice-based vocational learning system. The commerce curriculum-based school at IFI is designed to prepare you as future fashionpreneurs. The individual teaching system of IFI is sure to give you a more personal, excellent relationship with our instructors, helping you gain the best learning experience.



Keep Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Don’t miss the chance to have the best virtual learning experience at the Islamic Fashion Institute’s e-Learning Platform. We have curated the best online courses for you to pick and take wherever you are. Stay connected with IFI and upskill yourselves with IFI’S e-Learning Platform.

Get on Board with IFI for Your Future Fashion Journey!

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