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GBG x IFI Free Modest Fashion International Webinar: This June!

Inviting students, professionals, faculty and anyone interested in FASHION!

Eager to expand your knowledge on modest fashion design?

Fret no more! Giles Brooker Academy and the Islamic Fashion Institute present you our upcoming Modest Fashion Webinar for FREE and just for YOU.

In this webinar you can learn about Modest Fashion, such as:

  • Mix and Match: techniques to mix and match modest wear based on the colour, shapes, materials, and/or patterns. How to mix and match your clothes into modest fashion according to the basic rules and principles to understand what’s allowed and not allowed to wear.
  • Essential Items for Modest Fashion: An insight into the typical essential items/adornments/products for modest wear and clothing either as a single item/mix and match. You will also be exposed on the “dos and don’ts” when it comes to modest fashion.

So, get on board with us, and send your expression of interest to be part of the one and only Modest Fashion Webinar!

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