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IFI proudly presents “Akusara”. 

IFI’s long-awaited 2021 Graduation is finally out and about, ready to mesmerize the whole audience. 

The Islamic Fashion Institute’s graduates Batch 8 are more than ready to present you their latest collections in tomorrow’s “Fashion Show & Installation: Haflatu At Takhorruj Batch 8”.

We will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Garden Floating Market, Lembang tomorrow at 10 a.m. The fashion show will be held until 12.30 only, so don’t miss the opportunity! There will be other interesting guests and sponsors coming in as well, so you should too.

Can’t come due to pandemic reasons? You are outside Bandung at the moment? Stuck in wherever you are right now?

Well, worry no more! 

We will be live streaming the whole show for you who wants to be in the party as well. Please subscribe and stay tune to the Islamic Fashion Institute’s official Youtube channel.

 We will see you there, be it off or on-line! 

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